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District 1 Sai Gon

Walking through the heart of the city you are met with an eclectic mix of traditional and modern architecture. This District 1 view captures Katinat Coffee to the right and the Satra company building on the left with encroaching skyscrapers in the background. 

Hand printed limited edition of 20, on traditional Vietnamese Dzo paper. 

District 1 mini2.jpg

Luke Kelly Portrait

A private customer requested a portrait of the famous Irish folk singer Luke Kelly. Three prints were made so the client could gift the to different friends and relatives. 

The Movement Kitchen Logo Project 

I was asked to re-design the logo for the Movement Kitchen which was a contemporary dance class / centre to promote movement and body awareness in HCMC. I also printed this logo directly from the blocks onto 20 limited edition tote bags.


Fuzzy Logic Craft Beer Project

'Fuzzy Logic' is a craft beer brand in Vietnam and they asked a handful of local artists to recreate their logo into a pice of art work. I created an edition of 20, unique woodcut posters and also printed 20 woodcut T-shirts. 


Hue Citadel 

This 6 layer woodcut reduction print was commissioned by a private customer as a gift. I made an edition of 7 prints from the design and he bought 2 of them and since then 2 more have sold independently, one to Germany and another to France. 

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