Hoi An Exhibition 

Opening on January 11th 2019 my most recent exhibition included a new series of woodcut prints alongside a large illustration project inspired by the ancient town of Hoi An in Vietnam. This exhibit was hosted by Art Space Hoi An at the Anantara Hotel and also March Gallery. The woodcuts were all produced using side grain from a Japanese magnolia tree and printed onto a range of imported French and locally made Vietnamese papers.

Traditional Woodcut Prints 

Traditional, single layer woodcut prints are those that have been made with a single block of wood and a single impression is made. They are usually made in larger editions which means they can be more affordable. although they lack colour variation, they make up for it in authentic hand cut charm. If you look closely at each design you can make out the structure and texture of the wood.


All of these prints have been hand printed without a press. 

Prices start from 30 USD and go up from there - Please click on each image for prices and descriptions...

Ca Phe Q4

Rooster Q4 B+W

Quan Oc Saigon

Japanese Bridge on Dzo

Phuc Loi Hanoi

Xich Lo Dzo

Railroad Alley Hanoi

Scan 27



Ve So Blue

Xich Lo in red


RUA DI A4 150k risograph

Banh Chuoi Green

Street Scene in Blue

Street Scene in Red

Tree Character