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London Series / Brick Lane E1

Being born down the road in Barts hospital this area holds a special place in my heart. I have fond childhood memories of going down to Brick Lane market with my parents and spending many a weekend their enjoying music events and experiencing a variety of different cultures. 

These images were inspired by the well known ukiyo-e theme of '8 views' and they symbolise a walk down Brick Lane street. All of the images were hand drawn from my own photography and hand printed from 15 x 20cm magnolia blocks. 

Brick Lane Series 

This set of work is inspired by an area in East london that has a special place in my heart. Being born in Barts hospital down the road and spending many weekends visiting the local markets there I have seen the area grow into a hive of cultural events. My inspiraion for this set comes from the populalr ukiyo-e theme of '8 views'. My 8 views are different scenes that I saw when taking a walk down the famous street. 

Brick Lane View 1
Brick Lane View 2
Brick Lane View 3
Brick Lane View 4
Brick Lane View 5
Brick Lane View 6
Brick Lane View 7
Brick Lane View 8
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