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Cà phê Nhỏ

Cà phê Nhỏ


Cà phê Nhỏ

Whilst exploring the alleyways along the railroad that goes through Phu Nhuan district I came across this small cafe. It was filled with old relics the owner had taken a lifetime to collect and apparently had been open for 17 years!

'Nhỏ' translates to 'small' but when you enter the place opens up to an eclectic mix of cameras, records, computer consoles and much more from decades past.

'Lạc Xoong' is a very Saigon term and is used to describe a vintage or collection of old, unique items.

Limited edition of 15, single layer woodcut prints on 130 GSM 100% cotton off-white paper.

Image size 30x 40cm

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