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Smoking Girl

This 3 layer woodcut reduction was inspired by an iconic LP cover and I have tried to combine a traditional aesthetic with a modern Vietnamese style. The building in the background is instantly recognisable as the Bitexco in HCMC and I have manipulated the grain of the wood to show the rain interfering with the patterns of the smoke from the girl's cigarette. 

Woodcut print on handmade Vietnamese paper 

Limited edition of 6

Smoking Girl


This print is a 3 layer woodcut reduction print made from a pinewood shelving woodblock roughly 15 x 20cm. The grain patterns have been utilised to imitate a Saigon rainy season and it is printed onto 'Giay Dzo' with a 'So Diep' coating. This is locally sourced, handmade paper made from the bark of the Dzo tree and lightly dusted with a clam shell coating for a unique shiny finish.

Limited edition of only 6 made

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