This set of 3 unique prints are woodcut reduction prints from 1 block. The image was inspired by a video I watch about the healing properties of certain tones. In modern life we are bombarded with excess amounts of pointless information whcih distracts us from focusing on what is important. The origins of the designs in geometric floor tiles also lend themselves to this theme as they work together in their sets to create a larger pattern or end result. 

Limited edition of 3 unique prints. 

Digital options available.

Dong Son Drum Triptych 

Inspired by my earlier illustration from 2013 'Dong Son Drum' I decided to expand this idea into a triptych of 3 circular illustrations. Drawn by hand in pen + pencil, then coloured through a mixture of watercolour + digital techniques, each drum tells the story of each respective part of Vietnam. 

North Vietnam Dong Son Drum 

3.North of Vietnam Dong Son Drum.jpg

Central Vietnam Dong Son Drum

3.Central Vietnam Dong Son Drum design.jpg
3.South Vietnam Dong Son Drum design.jpg

South Vietnam Dong Son Drum