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This set of 3 unique prints are woodcut reduction prints from 1 block. The image was inspired by a video I watch about the healing properties of certain tones. In modern life we are bombarded with excess amounts of pointless information whcih distracts us from focusing on what is important. The origins of the designs in geometric floor tiles also lend themselves to this theme as they work together in their sets to create a larger pattern or end result. 

Limited edition of 3 unique prints. 

Digital options available.

Dong Son Drum Triptych 

The ancient Dong Son drums of Vietnam depicted scenes of daily life and war, animals, birds and boats. They were used as musical instruments as well as cult items and were cast out of bronze between 600 BC – 300 AD. They symbolized wealth and prosperity and were treasured items in local villages. Using landmarks, everyday patterns, other influences from living here and travelling up and down the country I have designed my own personal drum faces to represent each region of Vietnam.

These designs are available as limited edition, archival prints. 

40 x 40cm - limited edition of 75 - 85 USD 

80 x 80cm - limited edition of 25 - 185 USD 

North Vietnam Dong Son Drum 

This design is the first in the set of 3 and is inspired by northern Vietnam. Around the outside edge is an illustrated history and as you move into the geometric center more details and places become recognizable. The original design was hand drawn in pen and pencil, then painted with watercolor before a final digital edit. The aesthetic is inspired by Dong Ho paintings of northern Vietnam by using a texture of traditional dzo paper.

north drum website2.jpg

Central Vietnam Dong Son Drum

This design in particular looks at the historical influence of the Cham culture and the development of the different artistic and architectural styles throughout the ages.

central drum website2.jpg

South Vietnam Dong Son Drum

This is the third in the set of 3 drum designs and is inspired by south of Vietnam. Around the edge is a narrative history of the formation of what is now known as Ho Chi Minh City and the surrounding areas. Towards the centre you can see popular tourist destinations such as Phu Quoc, Mekong Delta and Vung Tau.

south drum website2.jpg
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