Jack Clayton - Printmaker + illustrator 


Displayed here are illustration projects that start as pen and pencil drawings which are then scanned and edited into photoshop to add colour, depth and tone. 

Click on each image to see close-ups and a more detailed description.

north drum website.jpg
central drum website.jpg
south drum website.jpg

Dong Son Drum Triptych 

Inspired by my earlier illustration from 2013 'Dong Son Drum' I decided to expand this idea into a triptych of 3 circular illustrations. Drawn by hand in pen + pencil, then coloured through a mixture of watercolour + digital techniques, each drum tells the story of each respective part of Vietnam. 

Saigon Cityscape, view from district 10

Below are two designs created from a single illustration that I drew by hand from a given photograph. The photo was from a friend's apartment building in Saigon and I was instantly attracted to the composition which is why I had to create this piece. 

Color + black and white prints of this design will be available through Saigon Print Shop on request.

skylinedigital copy.jpg

Hoi An Illustration

This design has been created to tell the story of Hoi An ancient town as is currently on permanent display at the Anantara Hotel Art Space in Hoi An. 

HOI AN illustration copy.jpg

Saigon Compass

A detailed map of HCMC from a distorted birds-eye view. Each district is represented with a history of the cities formation in the outside rings . 


Dong Son Drum 

Inspired by the large, circular bronze drums of Northern Vietnam this is a modern take on the traditional drum patterns that depicted daily life. Inspired by tourist attractions up and down the country, motorbikes, street cables and paving stones this unique take on the geometric mandala style of illustration depicts daily life today in Vietnam. 



This was my first illustration upon arriving in Vietnam from Australia an shows a muddle of my inspirations including my London background, my time in Australia and my arrival in Vietnam.