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Jack Clayton - Printmaker + illustrator 


Banh Mi Sai Gon


The iconic street food served up all over Vietnam the ‘banh mi’. Inspired by the French baguette this is a classic ‘meal on the move’ and is for when you don’t have enough time to sit down. Each area across Vietnam has their-own, unique blend of ingredients and at this alleyway stall in HCMC you can enjoy the full range!

In the background you can see Saigon’s mix of old traditional Vietnamese houses with recognisable skyscrapers such as the bitexco, Landmark and the new addition of the Thu Thiem bridge.

banh mi web.jpg
banh mi saigon b+w web.jpg

Dong Son Drum Triptych 

Inspired by my earlier illustration from 2013 'Dong Son Drum' I decided to expand this idea into a triptych of 3 circular illustrations. Drawn by hand in pen + pencil, then coloured through a mixture of watercolour + digital techniques, each drum tells the story of each respective part of Vietnam. 

north drum website2.jpg
central drum website2.jpg
south drum website2.jpg

Saigon Cityscape, view from district 10

Below are two designs created from a single illustration that I drew by hand from a given photograph. The photo was from a friend's apartment building in Saigon and I was instantly attracted to the composition which is why I had to create this piece. 

Color + black and white prints of this design will be available through Saigon Print Shop on request.

skylinedigital copy.jpg

Hoi An Illustration

This design has been created to tell the story of Hoi An ancient town as is currently on permanent display at the Anantara Hotel Art Space in Hoi An. 

HOI AN illustration copy.jpg

Saigon Compass

A detailed map of HCMC from a distorted birds-eye view. Each district is represented with a history of the cities formation in the outside rings . 

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