Hoi An illustration

Inspired by the same motives as my previous ‘Saigon Compass’ illustration I wanted to learn about the history of Hoi An whilst mixing modern day scenes and culture in the process of creating this design.  The goal was to create a cohesive image, inspired by the map of the ancient town to remember and celebrate it’s iconic rich and historical past.

Studying the map I noticed the streets made the shape of a boat similar to that of the ones that still line the riverside today. The foundation of Hoi An’s history is based on the fact it was a major port town and attracted visitors from Japan, Europe, China and India.  Around this shape I saw a large fish or whale, as if protecting or guiding the boat. Whales, known as ‘Ca Ong’ or ‘lord fish’ have a deep history in Vietnamese culture. They appear in legends and stories passed down of stranded fishermen being rescued by the sea creature, guiding them to safety.

3 options of size in limited runs available through Saigon Print shop + March Gallery on request.