Extra Art Projects 

Since living in Ho Chi Minh City Jack has self initiated and ran woodcut workshops for adults across the city. Encouraging participation from both the expat and the local community.  These workshops are a chance for creative individuals to share the experience of learning a new craft. All participants are encouraged to bring an idea to the table then draw, carve and print the block in the same afternoon. Using examples of his own work, previous student's examples and his own knowledge of the medium Jack guides them by giving them new techniques and methods to experiment with. 

For the last 3 years he has also worked closely with Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) to create their summer school art program. His main responsibilities are designing all content, material stocks, recruiting and training teachers whilst teaching specialist workshops for students from as early as kindergarten up to upper secondary and generally overseeing the implementation of the program.

For his school programs he aims to bring unique, interesting and usually unseen before processes in a school environment such as various printmaking processes like frottage, relief, mono, 3D art and many more! All with an environmental underlying message.


Unfortunately due to school policies no photos of these projects can be displayed on this site. 

Woodcut Printmaking Workshops for all ages

Over the last 5 years Jack has been organising workshops for adults and children across the country. He started on his rooftop in Dien Bien Phu street and has hosted them at many venues and also schools since. He also works directly with international schools to provide creative curriculum development advice and has run two successful art summer camp courses with the Vietnam Australia International school.

If you would like to organise a workshop for your school or company we can tailor the theme to fit your needs and will provide all materials on the day. Please feel free to contact us via Saigon Print Shop at the top of the page to make an enquiry. 

The American School - District 2 - HCMC - April 2021

We were very please to have been invited by the history teacher of this school to deliver an artist experience workshop to 60 high school students under the theme of 'global issues'. Relief print has long been used as an affordable method of reproduction to express political views and ideologies and also to spread awareness of certain issues to a wider audience. This made it a perfect for these students who created their own design togo alongside their essay project. 

Woodcut Workshops at Hem Chill - D2, Thao Dien - May 2021 

Anantara Hotel / Art Space - Hoi An February 2021

Continuing our great work relationship with the Anantara hotel we hosted two introductory woodcut workshops in their art space which was a great success! The workshops were open to all ages and we provided all the materials including easy to engrave, foam board for younger students whereas the adults created woodcuts using sharp tools. 

The Workshop / Danang - February 2021 

January 2021 - Lycée Français International Marguerite Duras

In January I was invited to host a series of printmaking workshops from grades 4-10. There were two sessions, in the first I gave an artist talk and the students printed their own prints from my woodblocks to keep and in the second session the primary students made and printed their own foam board design whereas the secondary students made woodcut prints. 

There were some great results and next school year we will be back with 3 sessions for each class! 

Common 9 Bar - Woodcut workshop June 2020

The first in a series of short introductory woodcut printmaking workshops for adults. 






Change VN / Wild Aid Vietnam - Creative workshops

In May 2019 I was personally invited to join 'Wild Aid Vietnam' and 'Change VN's' project to help spread animal awareness issues particularly focused on the elephant, pangolin and the rhino. The other guys painted murals up and down the country whilst I joined for the Nha Trang date to give a workshop to 20+ students from the local youth. It was great fun! I hope to join these positive events in the future. 

Art Space, Hoi An - Anantara Hotel Hoi An, Vietnam - January 2019