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Press releases 

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Since moving to Vietnam in 2012 Jack has been featured in many local and international art magazines and publications for his art and his workshops. Look below for a small example of some of his recent mentions. 


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Asia Life - September 2018 

Vietnam Oi - August 2018

Artist Bio

Jack Clayton is an illustrator / printmaker from London who specialises in the medium of woodcut printmaking. He relief prints his blocks by hand and often uses the reduction method, as well as water colour painting to add multiple layers of colour from a single block of wood. Whilst studying for his degree in Graphic Arts and design at Leeds Metropolitan University he was introduced to the art of woodcut for the first time in his final year before graduating in 2009. 


In 2010 he left the UK and spent 2 years travelling and working around Australia before venturing over to South East Asia. Whilst in Australia he drew inspiration from the indigenous art of Northern Australia, particularly around Kakadu national park where he lived and worked as well as  Melbourne. Finally, residing in Ho Chi Minh City after an extensive trip around South East Asia he has been creating art inspired by his new environment ever since.

His main body of work has been looking at modern Vietnamese culture and traditions he experiences whilst living in Ho Chi Minh City, illustrating them for himself and others to gain a better understanding of the environment around them. His recent series ‘Streets of Vietnam’ is ongoing and draws inspiration from the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Hoi An. Popular sights such as street sellers, children’s games, cafes, drinking culture expressions and sayings all play apart with an aesthetic quality drawing inspiration from traditionally hand painted shop signs, geometric floor tiles and many others. 

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October 2021 - VTV4 - Artist feature - When in Vietnam / Documentary 

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April 2023 - Anantara Resort, Art Space Hoi An

Pen : Knife : Ink 

Solo showcase of recent woodcut prints and illustrations inspired by locations across Vietnam

April 27th - May 27th 

January 2021 - BLOQ Lifestyle Village, District 2, HCMC 

From Brick Lane to Saigon

Solo show of woodcut prints and illustrations specifically from his London series inspired by Brick Lane street. 

January 2021 - BLOQ Lifestyle Village, D2, HCMC

Temporal Reflections - Group show with Spectrum Collective

Common 9 Gallery, District 1 Saigon - June - July 2020

City Sections

Duo show with Mike Hern which was featured on VTC10 national TV in their 'sharing Vietnam' documentary. 

August 2019 - Seoul Night Gallery - District 1 Saigon 

Spectrum Vol 2

The second instalment of 'Spectrum' art show where local creatives exhibit current works to the local scene. 

January2019 - March Gallery, Hoi An + the Anantara Hotel.

Stamps in Time / Solo exhibition 

A new series of woodcuts and illustrations based around the ancient town of Hoi An. These were only designed to be on display for 1 month but due to popularity the exhibit got extended for 3 months and there are still some that were left for permanent display. 

March 2019  - Noirfoto D2 Saigon 

Spectrum Volume 1 - Group Show

Solo Exhibition - Soma District 2, Ho Chi Minh City - January 2018

'Streets of Vietnam' 

A collection of woodcuts and illustrations inspired by street culture in Vietnam.

Solo Exhibition - Decibel  D1, HCMC - October 2015 

A collection of work from past to present. 

Group Show - Atom Gallery, London - September 2015 

'Liminal Visions' 

Group show - Decibel, D1, HCMC November 2014

Duo show with Pat Bradbury

Group show - Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne 2011

'Impress me' Large group show of local + international printmakers. 

Asia Life Magazine September 2018

Vietnam Oi August 2018


Asia Life feature 2016 about my workshops

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