Press releases 

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Since moving to Vietnam in 2012 Jack has been featured in many local and international art magazines and publications for his art and his workshops. Look below for a small example of some of his recent mentions. 


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Asia Life - September 2018 


Mads Art magazine feature - August 2018


Vietnam Oi - August 2018


Asia Life - February 2016

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Next up - November 2019

After the summer season and completing his 3rd art program the largest summer school program in Asia and moving studios there will be a small break in exhibiting. In November the next series of prints will be displayed which will be inspired by his new local area 'Vinh Khanh' street in D4 Saigon. 


Seoul Night Gallery - District 1 Saigon - Spectrum Vol 2 - August 2019 

The second instalment of 'Spectrum' art show where local creatives exhibit current works to the local scene. 

Solo Exhibition - March Gallery, Hoi An + Art Space Hoi An in the Anantara Hotel.

January 2019

A new series of woodcuts and illustrations based around the ancient town of Hoi An. These were only designed to be on display for 1 month but due to popularity the exhibit got extended for 3 months and there are still some that were left for permanent display. 


Group show - Spectrum Vol 1 - Noirfoto D2 Saigon - March 2019

Solo Exhibition - Soma District 2, Ho Chi Minh City - January 2018

'Streets of Vietnam' 

A collection of woodcuts and illustrations inspired by street culture in Vietnam.

Solo Exhibition - Decibel  D1, HCMC - October 2015 

A collection of work from past to present. 

Group Show - Atom Gallery, London - September 2015 

'Liminal Visions' 

Group show - Decibel, D1, HCMC November 2014

Duo show with Pat Bradbury

Group show - Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne 2011

'Impress me' Large group show of printmakers.