Saigon Print Shop

Founded in early 2020 'Saigon Print Shop' is the name given to Jack's studio / gallery in District 4, Saigon. The purpose of this venue is to have a place were clients can come to view his whole collection in one space. He has a studio upstairs where he can host private workshops and where he creates his new blocks for printing. 

Scroll down further to view some of the risograph reproductions that are available through Saigon Print Shop.

This video below was created to promote this new space by Liam Bartie. 

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Risograph prints 

Risograph is a relatively modern, eco-friendly printmaking method originating in Japan. Each colour is applied with a separate drum of soy based inks from a laser jet copy machine. Popular designs here have been re-made into riso prints by scanning individual proof/test print layers of woodcuts and then digitally editing them before printing. Single layer designs are unlimited but still signed by the artist whereas multi-layer designs are produced in limited sets.

For prices and availability of a particular print please contact Saigon Print Shop or email the artist at -