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Before moving out of the UK in 2010 my work was heavily influenced by psychology and the human mind. I was very interested in the relationship between a person's environment and their inner world and how that changed in different spaces. I occasionally re-visited this theme whilst living abroad, trying to connect it to my new surroundings. 

Jack Clayton Art Gallery - Online Store 

Online digital print orders available through INPRNT button - 

In this store you can shop original, limited edition art works created by Jack in his Vietnam studio. All of the art works are printed by hand from his own woodblocks and each differ slightly in texture + tone. The prints will come flat packed with a printed description describing the inspirations each piece. 

All of the works are listed as unframed and world-wide shipping is available. Shipping from Vietnam is usually 2-3 weeks.

All shipping on original art through this store is FREE to all areas of Vietnam and should take 2-3 days. 

For world-wide shipping there is a flat rate of 15 USD on all orders and these will be sent through VN post with tracking.  


All shipments come with online tracking and insurance. 

All shipping is FREE over 350 USD and individual quotations for DHL are based on the DHL website Vietnam. 

Traditional Woodcut Prints

These traditional woodcuts are all single layer prints that have been hand drawn, carved and printed in limited editions. Each one comes signed and numbered by the artist and due to the nature of the process are slightly unique in their own way. With single layer woodcuts the charm is being able to see each splinter and grain pattern printed directly from the wooden surface of the block.

Woodcut Watercolour Paintings

These single layer woodcuts have been hand painted with watercolour tones. They are printed and painted in limited edition sets but due to the nature of the process they are all slightly unique. They all come signed and numbered by the artist and are printed on heavy duty 100% cotton watercolour paper. With these miniature paintings you have a unique combination of strong, oil based black pigments from the woodcut mixing with the light, translucent watercolour palette to provide a traditional yet contemporary feel. 

Multiple layer Woodcut Reduction Prints

These prints are made by printing multiple layers of woodcut from a single block of wood. The term 'reduction' is used as it describes the process the artist uses to reduce the block with each state of carving. Due to the nature of this process these images are impossible to reproduce and come in smaller edition sizes.

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