Before moving out of the UK in 2010 my work was heavily influenced by psychology and the human mind. I was very interested in the relationship between a person's environment and their inner world and how that changed in different spaces. I occasionally re-visited this theme whilst living abroad, trying to connect it to my new surroundings. 

Relief Sculpture Woodblocks

These are completely unique, illustrative carvings made by hand from earlier woodcut blocks. Each design is only made + sold once and not re-created. They have also been hand painted with light water colour tones and varnished for longevity.


Private commissions from a variety of corporate and private clients are displayed on this page. If you would like to commission your own woodcut or illustration please feel free to contact the artist by email - 

Mekong Capital Investment Project

Mekong capital is an investment company based in HCMC and other cities. In this project woodcut prints and digital, mixed media art prints were designed and created from a set of given photographs to celebrate 10 important investments. These unique art works were created from 20 x 30cm Japanese magnolia woodblocks and reduction printed in 2 layers with added water color tones. 

Abstract Archives LP Cover Project 

Abstract Sounds is a hip hop producer based in HCMC Vietnam and he asked to illustrate a made up scene using a different photogrpah as a reference of a person digging for vinyl in a local market. Created on a 15 x 15cm woodblock this print was designed to cover a traditional 12 inch vinyl cover. 


Private Client Commission

A professional street photographer reached out to me to collaborate by using one of her photos to create a unique wood ut design. I made a 2 layer reduction from her image and she also bought out the woodblock to make sure her print was 100% exclusive. 

Scan 14.jpeg

Early work

Before moving to Vietnam in 2012 Jack lived in Australia for 2 years, Leeds UK for 3 years before that to study for his degree in Graphic Arts and finally London where he grew up. His earliest creations were more personal and visually depicted inner environments rather than external. He also enjoyed playing with surrealist form manipulations.