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Starry night at the Bun Rieu 

A plate that didn't quite make the D4 series, inspired by an independent bun rieu restaurant that doubles up as a laundry. Most household businesses here have at least 2 or 3 functions / lines of income so it's not strange to see 2 unrelated businesses side by side. For decoration this place had installed glow in the dark stars and moons as fairy lights which reminded me of Van Gogh's famous 'Starry night' painting...
Choosing a similar color palette I decided to pay homage in this piece to one of my favourite great masters in a unique and different way.

Unique 3 layer woodcut reduction print with hand painted watercolor tones on Arches 300 gsm archival rag. Hand carved and printed from a magnolia block sized 15 x 20cm.

Sold Out - Digital reproductions available through Saigon Print Shop. 

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