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Nhau Bia Tuoi

Nhau Bia Tuoi


To 'Nhau' - ‘To drink and eat for no reason’


The term to ‘nhau’ in Vietnamese is the idea of drinking and eating to celebrate for no reason at all! To celebrate life without a birthday, specific festival or event, just to enjoy the company of friends or relatives whilst drinking local beer (Bia Hoi / Bia Tuoi) and eating light, protein sharer plates. Nhau spots are inexpensive BBQ places which are generally very busy with local workers relaxing after a long day and have rows of metal tables and small plastic stalls. In this image I have borrowed the image of the iconic bia hoi glass alongside a shrimp which is a very popular ‘nhau’ snack with beer kegs and typical signs in the backgroung. 


Limited edition of 25, single layer woodcuts carved from a 20 x 25cm local pinewood shelving woodblock.

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