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A Tapestry of Memories

A woodcut collaboration with London based artist Rich Saenz. This print is capturing the nostalgic feelings we experience when looking at old photographs. We each chose 2 photos from our childhood and worked them together into this tapestry of joint memories. Richard drew up the original plans then I re-worked them and carved out the block (with help from Rich). We both took it in turns to print each different blend of ink allowing intuition to decide which colour to use and where.

Hand burnished woodcut reduction print.

Limited edition of 10 unique prints.

Ben Thanh Market


When you visit HCMC one of the first places you are likely to visit is Ben Thanh Market. This infamous destination is a bustling hub of trade and commerce in downtown district 1. In this image, vintage text has been reproduced in woodcut, with a street sign style banner. In front of the market a line of xich lo drivers are carrying passengers who are holding on to their non la hats whilst clutching their newly bought flowers.

Limited edition, hand burnished woodcuts on 100% cotton rag, archival inks and hand painted watercolour.

bt web.jpg
BT B+W scan.jpg
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