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CAU THE HUC A4 150k.jpg

Cau The Huc Hanoi – The red bridge

The ‘red bridge’ situated on Hoan Kiem lake connects the mainland with the small island where the Ngoc Son temple is located. This bridge is known for its luminosity, particularly at night time which first grabbed my attention when I was walking around Hanoi. I took my photo from the mainland as to capture the encroaching branches from above to put the viewer into the perspective.

This illustration was hand drawn onto the magnolia, side-grain woodblock (20 x 30cm) and also hand carved and printed onto Saunders 200 GSM watercolour paper. I coloured 5 with the same colour scheme but each differs slightly due to the freedom of the process.

Limited edition of 5 hand drawn, carved and printed woodcut print, coloured with watercolour.

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