Kem Lady, Hoi An

This is a unique, experimental woodcut as part of my Hoi An series in 2019. Made with 4 layers using the reduction method where you gradually reduce the block as you carve each separate layer state by state. On the third layer I flipped the block upside down to give a mirror reflection effect. The image was drawn from a photo I took whilst walking through the old town on a hot summer’s day with the Kem Lady ‘ice cream seller’ cycling past ringing her bell to advertise.

13,500,000 VND / 585 USD - SOLD to private collector through March Gallery, Hoi An

Prints of this design that have been digitally edited are available through Saigon Print Shop

Kem Lady, woodcut edition

Below is a 3 layer woodcut reduction of the same design as above. The difference with this design is that a 4th reversed layer was not added which gave the overall print a clearer, more simple effect.

Limited edition of 12, hand printed onto 100% cotton archival rag. 

3,500,000 VND / 150 USD 

Kem lady woodcut.jpg