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The term ‘nhau’ is used in Vietnam and literally means to ‘celebrate for no reason’. It’s the idea of going out and drinking and eating as if you’re celebrating a birthday or special event but really you are just there to have a good time! Nhau spots are usually small plastic chaired BBQ places on the street corners that sell a wide array of high protein sharer plates and very cheap home made ‘Bia Hoi’ or local bottles.


This is a digitally manipulated woodcut 12 x 15 cm.

Nhau - ‘To drink and eat for no reason’

The term to ‘nhau’ is a Vietnamese term that doesn’t really translate directly into any other language. It is the idea of drinking and eating to celebrate for no reason at all! Personally I feel it’s a great concept! To celebrate life without a birthday, specific festival or event, just to enjoy the company of friends or relatives whilst drinking local beer (bia Hoi) and eating light, protein rich sharer plates. Nhau spots are inexpensive BBQ places which are generally very busy with local workers relaxing after a long day and have rows of metal tables and small plastic stalls. In this image I have borrowed the image of the iconic bia hoi glass alongside a shrimp which is a very popular ‘nhau’ snack.

Original edition of 10 - Sold Out

Second edition of 75 on Vietnamese Dzo paper - Sold Out

Digitally manipulated version is available as an unlimited edition risograph print on 210 GSM Canaletto paper imported from Italy.

Available through Saigon Print Shop -

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