Xich Lo


As you walk around Hoi An you can’t help but notice the hundreds of cycle taxi drivers around the town hunting down their next fare. It’s a tiring job! This character I managed to photograph whilst he was falling asleep in his own ‘Xich Lo’ (cycle taxi), reading the daily paper.

‘Sleeping Xich Lo’ Hoi An


For my Hoi An series I made a selection of multi-layer woodcut prints inspired by many trips around the ancient town. On one walk I came across this xich lo driver who fell asleep whilst reading his paper! These peddle taxis are a symbol of Hoi An and effortlessly weave in and out of the tourist crowds ringing their bells.


Limited edition of 10, 2 layer reduction prints hand printed from a 10 x 15cm magnolia woodblock. 

2,850,000 VND / 125 USD 



Single layer woodcut, limited edition of 30 printed on locally sourced, 'giay dzo' 'paper made from the dzo tree', hand carved and printed from a side grain Japanese magnolia block sized 10 x 15cm.

650,000 VND /  35 USD 


Limited edition of 75, hand printed onto French Canson paper from a 10 x 15cm magnolia woodblock.


650 k VND / 30 USD